Kim Kardashian – The Happy Mom-to-Be

Kim Kardashian is on baby number two, but this does not stop her from appearing in public in the tight dresses that have become so much her trademark. This weekend she was seen running errands in LA wearing a super-tight grey dress, displaying her famous figure to all.

Kim Kardashian and her husband, rapper-songwriter Kanye West, are expecting their second child in December this year. Kim confirmed the rumors that she was expecting just last week and she also dismissed the gossip that she is expecting twin babies. She also promised he fans that she would keep them posted about the pregnancy and asked them not to believe anything that does not come from her directly.

Kim is very happy she is pregnant again. After North was born, the couple tried for the second baby for months, but Kim had some trouble falling pregnant again. After a while they started visiting a fertility clinic, but at some point, Kim’s doctors warned her not to get her hopes up too high because she might not be able to become pregnant again.

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Getting pregnant was not easy the first time either – the couple had been trying for a long time before North „happened”. Not only the first conception was difficult for Kim – the first pregnancy was also difficult for the 34-year-old reality TV star. She not only put on a lot of weight, but she also had several medical issues such as pre-enclampsia that needed attention.

Even so, she enjoys being a mom so much that she is willing to put herself through anything the second time again – indeed, baby North is such an adorable little girl that we completely understand why Kim would like a little sister or brother for her. We wish great health to you and the baby, an easy pregnancy and lots of joy, Kim!

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