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Foxit Reader is an amazing application to create and manage your PDF files, as it has quickest and easy way to start up with the lightest resources in your system or computer. It is not only for viewing or creating PFD files but also it has a set of different exclusive features. From office employees to university students, everyone can be benefited from Foxit Reader. If you are looking for the reasons of using Foxit Reader then you are in the right place, here you will find all the necessary information which will help you to take a wise decision.

How Foxit Reader can help you

Foxit Reader is suitable for the people who need to work on different files at the same time and do not want any page loading headache. Although, the software is absolutely free to download and install, it works perfectly on windows 7, XP, Vista without any additional downloads to finish the installation.
Any scanned document can be converted into text only file and from there any kind of editing is available with adding any audio or video file into the PDF document. It has spelling checker option which will show you the possible best alternatives as well.

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Foxit Reader has safe reading option to protect the PDF files from any Maliciousness and it also provides DocuSign option to protect any files from the any unknown access. Another exclusive feature is the read out loud which can read any document for the users using any headphones or loudspeakers in your PC or smartphone. The Layout of the software designed as like as the Office but almost everything you can customise here, according to your preference. It has different ways of viewing files where you can open and view the different parts of a file at the same time. You can also make some amendments in the text such as- drawing any basic shapes in any particular page, adding any popup notes or comments, highlighting any particular text, replacing any text and so on.

Now Foxit Reader is the leader in the field of PDF documentation and continuously it is bringing the updated or advanced versions for its users. All the new versions until now has been accepted by the users with great interest. The menu ribbon and the customization options are the most popular features in Foxit reader. Lightest and the quickest facilities in the Foxit Reader made it ideal for different companies such as- solicitors’ firm, estate agency, and other big companies who need to work with the large volume of documents to review them and process them accurately. It can be easily integrated with separate browsers and other office applications to open multiple documents at a time. Another popular feature of Foxit reader is its PDF Portfolio where employees can sort out their documents, store them securely and safely, collaborate with each other remotely for the use of those documents with the connected PDF Cloud.

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• It can easily integrate with other softwares for example- Microsoft OneNote and web browsers to provide the optimal use of all the applications together.
• Easy to convert and create PDF files simply selecting from toolbar or from scanner
• It is lightweight compared to others PDF readers because of its light memory and CPU utilisation. It can start quickly without wasting any time in loading for example- 900 pages file can open up instantly with text and images. Also, numerous files can be opened and used easily by switching tabs.

• Advanced multimedia features are not available
• OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) is not available in free version
• No advanced editing options available
• It does not have the Linux version and the mobile versions have very limited usage.
Depending on the features of Foxit Reader, you can get it from $8 monthly fee, and you can also pay $129 subscription fee once only. Currently, there is free version available in the market which has a complete set of features to help you with all the necessary feature you might need to sort out your PDF documents.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is the biggest competitor of Foxit Reader, but Foxit reader can beat them easily because of its fastest use and lightest resources. Foxit reader is amazing to use because of its different features and benefits which made it more user-friendly in terms of easy learning. It is not only a PDF reader application which can open up files in a fastest way but also, it has extraordinary features like protecting files and the signature facility. If you are planning for the purchase of any software to create PDF and manage documents, you can start using the free version of the Foxit Reader to test the exclusive features. Overall, it’s a great software for the users and it can make your life easier.

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