Different Cultural Celebration Of The New Year Celebrating New Year

Celebrating New Year is the one of the happiest events of everyone’s life. As a matter of fact, New Year is considered to be the oldest festivity in all of the occasions which is generally celebrated in the world. Of course, New Year is much awaiting event because people celebrated the arrival of another year to come yet bidding goodbye for the past year. This is truly a memorable event that you must be waiting to celebrate. You plan for a series of activities just for this event. Additionally, you and your family are excited to where you will spend your New Year’s holiday. But did you know? Not every country in the world celebrates New Year on January 1. Indeed, not everybody follows the same calendar. Isn’t it interesting to know? Maybe you may wonder how each of this country celebrated New Year. And what is their basic traditions once New Year has come.

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Generally, there is certain country that celebrated New Year following their cultural traditions. Like for example, countries like China, India and Israel have their own calendar that they follow and at the same time they celebrate New Year in a different time. Of course, through their cultural traditions China usually celebrates New Year through Chinese New Year with full f fireworks and eating Chinese foods as well as their cultural cuisine. Aside from that, they also celebrated it with their family and almost gather on that day to celebrate together.
Furthermore, some countries will celebrate New Year in the spring while others in autumn. Other instances also upon cultural traditions of other country which celebrate New Year like in Australia, in which during the midnight of January 1 Australian make a cacophony with the use of whistles and rattles. Additionally, they also make noises through church bells, car horns and other noise barrage. They believe that making loud noises will chase away evil spirits that brings bad luck for the New Year. On the other hand, there are country also like in the America wherein their cultural traditions once New Year is coming is that there family gather together in their houses eating the New Year’s dinner and give thanks for all the blessings that they received for the whole year. Aside from that, there are countries that they celebrate New Year in the church rejoicing and singing praises of thanks-giving.

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All of these customs and different traditions are mostly related to superstitious beliefs especially in avoiding the evil spirits and the belief of good luck. Like for example, in the Philippines, they have traditions that before the New Year’s Eve they must have collected 9 fruits in a circle shape so that good luck will be at their door and the whole year will fill of good luck. However, if you think carefully, these various traditions are the same after all even it is diversely performed. Everybody believes of good luck and chasing away evil spirits. What is important is that the essence of New Year’s celebration is welcoming the New Year full of joy and enthusiasm. Let all the worries and sadness fade away. As a result, the whole world celebrated with great happiness and forgets the problems that its nations face during the past year. In fact, they have hoped that the new stars freshly start with happiness and have hope for the best to come. The festivity of New Year ought to celebrate in a way that everyone is being glad and happy rejoicing the new era of their life. Welcome the New Year with Great Spirit and joyful in your heart.

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